1. Changing Seats

Dedicated seat selected can only be changed once a month after allocated on first come first served policy.

2. Phone Calls

Be considerate when taking phone calls. Discussion is to be held at designated area.

3. Meeting Room Usage

Each member is given 6 credits per month. Each credit entitles you to 30 minutes usage of the meeting room. It is not ok to use the meeting room if you did not book it. Please check the bookings and to leave the room on time a few minutes before another member’s booking. Please close the door the sound travels across the entire office.

Please do not use meeting room unless you have an active booking.

4. Complimentary

Filtered water, coffee and tea (subject to availability). Food with strong smell like durian, fish, etc is not allowed. If you bring food please make sure you either refrigerate or take it home. No food should be left unrefrigerated overnight. We clear all out the refrigerator at the end of the day on Friday so please don’t leave anything over the weekend unless you are planning to work on the weekends.

5. Not Well

If you are sick and not well, we will ask you to take a day off and rest at home. If you are having slight flu or cough, please wear a mask.

6. No Sharing of Music

please put on earphone to better enjoy your music.

7. Wifi

No sharing and disclosure of wifi password to outsider.

8. This is a Community and Collaborative Space

So please spend some time to know your fellow co-workers and attend events. Co-working communities are excellent sources of information, knowledge, leads, and skills, and as you get to know your neighbours and you will make amazing connections along the way.

9. Tell a Friend

Many co-working spaces find their business through word of mouth, so if you have had a great experience, please help out and promote the space to your network.

10. House Rules

Any good guest shall know the house rules, appreciate the host and respect your co-workers.

11. Work Hard, Have Fun, and Participate.

The thing that makes Worklor more than just a place to work is the community. You can make that community something really great.

12. Please Do Not be Wasteful.

That means do not leave water running and print on both sides of paper (We provide the printer but you will need to bring your own paper.)

13. Membership Dues 

Pay your monthly membership fees. Let us know in advance if you are leaving the Worklor community. Please provide a minimum of 30 days’ notice to terminate the membership–only as a courtesy. There will be no partial refund for unused days.  Also, membership cannot be assigned.

14. Be Accountable for Your Actions.

Should any action or inaction on your part to harm or cause damage, you agree to own up to it and cover any related costs.

15. Annoying Things

Avoid using Worklor or its asset in connection with bad, annoying or otherwise not-OK things like: a) Pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming, or similarly annoying behaviour. b) Defaming, abusing, harassing, or threatening others. c) Marketing, pitching, or promoting your business (or your kid’s fund raiser) to people trying to focus on their work. d) Posting or distributing inappropriate, profane, defamatory, or indecent materials or information.

16. Mind Your Own Business.

We coworkers work in close proximity to others. Keeping your information or privacy is up to you. On the flip side, you agree to not inappropriately share, reproduce, or use information or materials of others.

17. Protect Your Interests and Stuff.

We recommend that you have adequate insurance appropriate to your business to cover liability, loss, theft, damage and the like. Also, if you bring (and possibly leave) your computer, coffee mug, food, paperwork, or anything else in Worklor, it’s your job to secure it. Worklor will not assume any liability regarding vandalism, theft or any damage to your property.

18. Do Your Part to Keep Worklor Safe.

Do not do foolish and dangerous things like play with matches, run with scissors, or do chemistry experiments with cleaning solutions. Wash your hands. Throw away food that has gone bad. Clean dirty dishes after each use. Clean up spills. Keep our network safe, too. Be careful not to upload or use files that contain viruses, malware, etc. that may damage the network, computers, or other equipment of Worklor or its members. Any liability from such activities may lay on you.

19. Consume Alcohol, Food, or Anything Else You Choose Responsibly and At Your Own Risk.

Worklor is not in the business of serving food or drink. If such consumption exists and you choose to partake, you do so at your own discretion and risk. Worklor has no liability for illness, accidents, or any bad thing that results from your consumption of any substance of any kind.

20. Obey the Law.

You agree not to use Worklor for any purpose that is unlawful, prohibited or otherwise frowned upon by society, including doing anything that would damage, disable, or impair any property of Worklor or its members or, worse, the members themselves. This also means you will not try to access property or systems of others, or attempt to obtain information or materials not intentionally made available to all Worklor members. If you break the law or do any of the aforementioned activities, we have to protect the community and you will be asked to leave without prior notice, your membership and any future access under any circumstance will be forfeited immediately.

21. Two Types of Events are Held at Worklor (discontinued)

Worklor hosts or member hosts. All members try your best to secure your spaces and leave nothing that others could easily remove. Worklor will work hard to make sure all guests for events are registered and seats are assigned.

22. Fixtures are Not Allow

Do not drill holes to hang pictures, shelves or anything else. If you want to hang pictures in the private offices you can provided they are not offensive to the community. We encourage you to furnish and decorate to personalize your use of the private office. If you need help you can consult with us. Please do not cover up the glass partition with papers, posters, pictures, illustrations, or anything that obstructs the design. We reserve the right to remove the items if you fail provided we give you prior notice (24 hours).

23. Visitors

All visitors must sign in at the front desk prior to attending meetings.  No visitors are allow to work in the designated spaces or private offices. Toilets are strictly for members only.  Please direct all visitors to the downtown line mrt conveniently located on the ground floor.  The only way for visitor to work on her own at Worklor is if she and Worklor are considering her membership at Worklor. No exceptions please.

24. VOIP

Installing VOIP phone in the shared spaces is not allowed.  Please reframe from using the office phone for business or personal use.  You can use it for emergency only.

25. Using Unassigned Space

Please do not leave your papers, pens, pencils, other stationary, or any other items on desk or chairs not assigned to you. Worklor aim to make coworking affordable. If you are taking up more than your designated spaces other members will not be able to use it. When you find things that were left on your chair or designated space please turn them over to Worklor and we will try to find and return to the owner. We reserve the right to remove and discard items you left on undesignated spaces.

26. Keep Up with Changes to These Rules.

Like so many things, Worklor will evolve and change over time (largely from input of members). With that may come changes in these rules.

27. Event Space Clean Up Fees (N/A)

Please clean up and return space to original condition. If you are unable to a service charge of $49 will be billed to you.

28. Office Temperature

We have adopted NEA’s Singapore Code of Practice 554: Indoor Air Quality for Air-Conditioned Buildings. The government said they did the research so we are going with it.  In dedicated and non-dedicated desks please help us set and maintain the aircon temperature at 24°C. It is alright with us if you want the aircon temperature to be higher or lower. However, please make sure everyone in the room is ok with the changes.

29. Announcements

Our official announcements will be posted on our Facebook page: Worklor for her.  Please make sure you have access.

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