Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just consider it as a community fridge.  If you can find the space. We will clean it out often so please don’t leave anything in there for too long.

We are a coworking office dedicated to women.

Entrepreneur, freelancer, job seeker, contractor, writer, startup, professional accountant, architect and engineers, independent recruiter, trendsetter, corporate directors. People with dreams and want an outlet to make it real.

First you can book a tour with us to familiarize the place by filling out the formIf you have already toured the office and now would like to join Worklor as a member please register, once accepted you can then book the space and checkout.

No we don’t want you to lock into anything so that you are free to do as you are please. No minimum. Freedom.

Tea and coffee are worth $3 per cup (donate what you think its worth) but it’s FREE for members. Worklor members has free access to the printer but you will need to bring your own paper.

Mothers with newborns and working. You know what we mean right?

Phone calls should be done in the meeting room. If meeting room is occupied, you are free to use the lounge for phone calls or short meetings if no one is around.  The best place is outside, upstairs; there is a garden on the 5th floor.

Great, our team will meet with you to go over your background then we discuss the rate. We work with you to streamline and reduce costs in the workflow. Once both sides agree on the procedure and the rate we then make your contact available to our members. Typically we expect your rates to be at least 30 to 50 percent discounted to market rate. The advantage of working with Worklor is access to our members.

No, our offices are strictly for our own use. We are not in the leasing or subleasing business.

Here’s a detail guide on how you can book an event space with us. Please click here.